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Shoreline from Above

Marine heatwaves

Extreme events

Human activities are creating novel environmental conditions across our globe. We need to understand how organisms will respond to such conditions in order to effectively manage them, and the associated ecosystems. By exposing gastropods to warming and measuring both longer term responses (i.e. survival) and shorter-term processes (i.e. feeding, oxygen consumption), we identified that the longer-term responses were negatively affected, despite maintenance of the short-term processes. That is, survival were reduced, although feeding and oxygen consumption were unchanged. These results indicate there could be differences in the ways longer-term responses and shorter-term processes are influenced by warming. 


Peer reviewed publication

Minuti JJ, Falkenberg LJ (in preparation) Effect of short-term thermal history on heatwave survival

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We thank the CUHK Direct Grants for Research programme for providing support for this project. 

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