We are currently accepting expressions of interest from potential PhD candidates. Details can be found here. For more information on these opportunities, contact Laura Falkenberg.

Dr Laura Falkenberg

Assistant Professor, PI

Laura is a marine biologist and ecologist. Areas of research focus include links between environmental conditions, organism physiology, and species interactions. These areas are typically studied using tank systems containing algae, seagrasses, and calcifying animals. Laura is also interested in linking changes in biology to the human populations they support. Doing this kind of work requires interdisciplinary collaboration, and so Laura is increasingly researching how scientists can better communicate with one another. Laura enjoys doing this research with an ever-growing group of international collaborators having worked in Australia, Sweden, Norway, and now Hong Kong. 

Dr Kat Anderson

Research Associate

Kat is interested in research that helps us understand how changes in individual performance and demography scale up to alter community composition and diversity. In addition, Kat is passionate about using live storytelling to increase the accessibility of science by improving the relatability of scientists.

James Ducker

PhD candidate

James recognises that in a rapidly changing world, understanding how marine organisms respond and adapt to environmental change is becoming increasingly important. Given that, his research interests focus on the physiological impacts of ocean warming and acidification on coastal species, and how to progress the study of such impacts across laboratory and natural settings. Consequently, improving our understanding of the consequences generated by human development will provide valuable information on how to mitigate ecological impacts on vulnerable ecosystems as well as the species within them.


Ka Ki (Kitty) Au (MSc) Effects of marine contaminants under a changing climate (2019/2020)

Dina-Leigh Simons Summer Undergraduate Research Programme, Species-specific responses to ocean warming in co-occurring gastropod grazers (2019)

Janice Yan Hei Lung Institute of Vocational Education (2019)